Youth Ages 5-11


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Beacon House staff and volunteers provide homework assistance to youth in grades K-6.  Additional enrichment activities are provided by staff when students have finished their homework.



FOCUS on Excellence is our one-on-one intensive tutoring program that provides back to basics reading and math enrichment for youth in grades 1-6.  Each student is paired with a trained volunteer who work together for two hours each week throughout the school year.  Student and tutor work on a research-based curriculum designed to bring the student’s math and reading skills back up to at least grade level.  The curriculum is broken up into a series of 36 steps each one of which the student must master before moving on to the next step.  This approach allows the student and tutor to proceed at the student’s individual pace.  An assessment of the student’s math and reading skill levels is administered at the beginning and end of the school year.  Over the course of the many years we have been operating FOCUS, the average improvement of our FOCUS students in reading has been 2 grade levels or more, and in math, 1 grade level or more. 

In addition to homework help and tutoring, Beacon House offers its elementary school children opportunities to sing, dance, create art, take field trips to museums and parks, celebrate culture, and more. 

On Saturday mornings, we offer an engaging, interactive Science Club.  The program is designed to make learning fun.  Through hands-on projects, children learn about magnetism, gravity, electricity, bacteria and more.