Give to Beacon House

Without an Expense to You

iGive really is as simple as it sounds.   iGive members can generate donations by shopping at any of 900+ stores on-line as usual.  There are no costs, obligations, nor any hidden fees for you or Beacon House.  iGive is a free service to causes and members - the stores make the donation

SHOPPING: It's all automatic! You don't need to enter any codes, notify the store, or iGive.  When iGive members shop via the special links (starting at the web site, the iGive Newsletter, or having installed the iGive Button), tracking enables to identify the purchases of each individual iGive member with a member ID number.  Causes always receive 100% of the donation amount which is advertised on the web site ( receives fees separately from the amounts that go to the cause).

You shop the same way as you would without starting at iGive.

When you do start with iGive, stores automatically send the needed information (order amount, order date, and your ID number which identifies the user to but is meaningless to the online store) so that the donation is tracked to your designated cause. When you successfully link to an iGive store, your visit will be immediately visible in the “You recently visited box”.

Click on the iGive logo below to register and begin having your regular on-line purchase benefit Beacon House.

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