Feed Back 

A parent of a teenager who played football against a Beacon House team wrote:

I just wanted to take a moment to email you and commend you on your Grassroots DC Team.  My son's team played your team yesterday.  We came into this game knowing that we were going to be beat because we knew your team was good as well as having had twice as many players as us, those who stuck the season out, did so because they love to play, win or lose.  This was our first season experience with GRFB, however, my son has played football since he was 4yrs old (he is now 13).  I must say that, I as well as my husband, were so very impressed with the young men on your team.  These boys of course played hard and played to win, but they were the first team that our boys said played fair.  Kids from the other teams, and not just one team, played dirty.  Kicking and punching our boys throughout the game, tripping them, etc.  My son is so non-confrontational and he finally threw another kid to the ground after being punched in the chin for a second time.    Your young men have so much respect for you (or whomever is your coach) as it is very apparent in how disciplined, focused and well behaved they are.  During time outs and half time, all eyes and ears were on the coach speaking. No running around, joking, talking etc.  I am sure you are extremely proud of them all but please pass on our congratulations on their win and advancement to the championship. We wish them luck as they deserve to win it all.  Also please let them know that the parents of the Southern Maryland Wildcats are also very proud of them too. 


Mrs. Shawn S

A teenager who is currently involved in our mentoring programs wrote a paper for school entitled “My Community Center: Beacon House.”  Here is some of what she wrote:

“Beacon House has many opportunities for teens to be successful.  With programs like College Bound, Target 20 and the Teen Tutoring Program I have been able to keep up with my work and maintain good grades in school.  These programs keep me from hanging around outside, getting into the wrong situation, and straying away from being successful.  Through Beacon House, I have met a lot of people who play a very influential part in my life.  I am very thankful for Reverend Robinson.  He has given me a safe place to spend my time after school.  Many other members of Beacon House have played important roles in my life as well.  Miss Morrisa, the teen program director, is one of my role models.  I often find it easier to talk to her than many other people because she is not quick to judge, and because of her positive attitude and warm feeling.   Beacon House has not only given me lifetime mentors but it has given me lifetime friends as well.  Without Beacon House I might not be on the correct path, optimistic, and surrounding myself with the right people. 

Another young lady wrote, in a class paper:

“The strengths in my community that is most important to me are Beacon House.  This is the most important strength because it allows up and coming teens to make a better decision for themselves.  It helps teens make decisions about planning their future.  Beacon House gives motivation to young children and teens.  Beacon House helps you to find yourself.” 

A grandparent of one of our campers wrote the following:

“Camp Leap far exceeded my expectations for my granddaughter’s summer camp experience.  The experience reminded me of my camp journey many moons ago when I was a child.  It was pleasant to not hear counselors screaming and yelling at the children, but rather instructing and directing them.  I enjoyed the daily affirmations that the children recited.  The program has left me with countless memories of the joy on my granddaughter’s face each afternoon when I picked her up and she shared her day.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

A teacher at one of our local elementary schools wrote the following:

“During the thirteen years I was at Shaed School I recommended that, and encouraged all of my parents to send their children to the various programs at Beacon House.  In fact, I was so happy with the programs that not only did I recommend Beacon House to them, but I actively involved myself in helping the children attend.  The Beacon House programs are excellent.  They have had a very positive effect upon my students and their academic progress.”